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My name is Rachael…and I’m a Scanner.

In her book ‘Refuse to Choose’, Barbara Sher identifies a group of people she calls ‘Scanners’. Scanners are Renaissance Souls; people with a wide variety of interests that find it hard (and soul destroying) to stick with just one thing. Whether you constantly move from one interest to another or circle around the same 2, 5, 10, or 20 interests over your lifetime, you’re a Scanner.


I’m so grateful for this book. Not only does it give a name to something that most people see as a flaw in my character, but it gives practical advice on how to manage your interests and make a career out of them.

You might think it’s a cop out, that I’m using one woman’s opinion or theory to explain my chopping and changing. One week I want to be a comedian, the next a motivational speaker, all as long as it doesn’t interfere with my budding video editing interests or latest half baked book idea I’ve been working on. But it’s not just one woman anymore, more and more people are figuring out that actually, we’re way more complex than just finding one thing to make us happy and doing that for the rest of our lives. Just because you like a certain jacket, doesn’t mean you have to wear it until the day you die.

Laugh if you must, tell me that I should just grow up and get a job, be happy and accept life the way it is.

I’ve tried.

My entire adult life I have tried.

Now I’m choosing to just go with it and see what happens. I’m willing to bet Leonardo Da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin didn’t get crap from well meaning friends and family about having too many interests or settling down and getting a real job.

The Journey

This is a journal of my attempt to go from stuck in a 9-5 job to complete career freedom in 18 months. I will be using 3 books as my main inspiration.

25 Principles of Success – Jack Canfield

Refuse to Choose – Barbara Sher

Be a Free Range Human – Marianne Cantwell

These 3 authors have each inspired me to reach for something that right now feels completely out of the realm of possibility but which I desperately want. This blog will be sharing how I put into practice the techniques and tools these authors explain to create the life I’ve always wanted.

I want to be able to have an idea and start work on it without the restraints of a 9-5 job. I want to have the financial freedom to give some kid from the Make a Wish foundation the time of their life.  I want to be able to stop sitting on my sofa in the evenings scratching out various sums on the back of an envelope, working out how long it will take to save to buy a house or pay for a holiday. I want to be excited on a Sunday night at the prospect of what may be in store on Monday.

The journey starts now. 22nd May 2017. No matter what my circumstances are I will be posting on 22nd November 2018 to let you know how far I’ve got.